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ZIPF CCTV auditing

ZIPF CCTV auditing is the reliable method to immediately investigate of stock losses caused by employees or suppliers in cases where there is a reasonable suspicion of fraud within a specific period.

The prerequisite for this is a pre-arranged appropriate contract for contract data processing in compliance with data protection legislation.

Using video data analysis combined with accounting data, ZIPF video auditing guarantees a 100% reliable tracing of manipulations. The main focus of our service is to check processes on point-of-sale [POS] systems.

Experienced auditors assess every single process on POS systems and at other places where money or goods movements take place e.g. incoming goods. Our qualified staff guarantee a diligent and prompt data analysis.

In specific suspected cases, the results of the ZIPF CCTV auditing are used to preserve evidence and to prepare documentation for use in court.

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