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  • Kaarst: +49 2131 604570
  • Munich: +49 89 23545078
  • Email: info@zipf-gmbh.de
Service & Support


Whether by phone, remote maintenance or on site, the Zipf Service team is always available with professional and friendly assistance to resolve your issues, answer your questions and to respond to your special requests.

ZIPF on-site service

The prompt and efficient ZIPF on-site service takes place after consultation with you. It is highly regarded by our customers.

ZIPF telephone service

The ZIPF telephone service will take your call in a professional and friendly manner and will quickly arrange a solution to your issue.

ZIPF remote maintenance service

Among other things, the ZIPF remote maintenance service enables tasks to be completed immediately without the need for an on-site visit. This facility makes a major contribution to reducing costs.