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Petrol stations

Petrol station surveillance with ZIPF systems

Theft and robbery at petrol stations

Theft and robbery at petrol stations

It is true that petrol theft requires a full investigation.

It is true that a robbery case requires a full investigation.

It is also true that the technical means of achieving this, such as a video surveillance system, has to be correctly positioned, professionally set up and be of a high quality. Equally, it must be capable of providing evidence admissible in court – including day and night number plate recognition.

But too often, this is not the case.

There’s a loss!

ZIPF CCTV systems and ZIPF POS analysis provide exactly the attributes mentioned above in their entirety.

They are designed in detail by experienced people, generate fantastic video pictures and provide the simplest and quickest basis and platform for successful detection and prosecution of the facts.

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