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Öffentliche Einrichtungen

Public services

Monitoring public facilities with ZIPF systems

Vandalism, damage and criminal activity

Bicycle theft

Who stole the bike from the playground outside of school hours?

Who disposed of drugs paraphernalia on school property?

Who harassed children playing after school?

Who sprayed the university building with graffiti?

Who broke into the town hall?

These are just a few of the many questions that could be answered and definitively resolved by using a ZIPF CCTV system.

Using just one fish-eye IP camera at an angle of 180° or 360°, makes it possible to sustainably monitor a large area securely and in high quality. Even in moving mode as PTZ model!

Preventative use of a ZIPF CCTV system sustainably reduces material losses and personal injuries, thereby reducing the resulting financial and human costs.

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