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Food retailing

Surveillance in food retailing with ZIPF systems

The food retailing industry incurs huge losses from theft–whether by customers, staff, suppliers or due to professional organised crime gangs involved in theft and fraud.

For many years ZIPF CCTV systems, ZIPF POS analysis and ZIPF video analysis have been helping affected companies to sustainably investigate and reduce their losses.

Practical example: „The double purchase“

Practical example: The double purchase

The customer enters the supermarket with a trolley which he half fills with goods.

He pays for these goods at the checkout, accepts the receipt and takes the goods to his car. He then immediately returns to the supermarket with the empty trolley, fills it up again with exactly the same goods as before, but picks up a new item in his hand.

He returns to the same checkout, presents the same receipt to the checkout operator and shows the single item in his hand that he had ‘forgotten’ and still has to pay for, which he does, thus only paying for the single item.

There’s a loss!

Practical example „Change fraud“

Practical example: Change fraud

The customer goes to the checkout and pays for a small low-priced item.

While the store cashier is taking the change out of the till, the customer puts down two 20 euro notes and a 10 euro note, asking them to be changed for a 50 euro note.

The checkout operator gives the customer a 50 euro note and puts the three remaining notes in the till. At the same time, the customer puts a 10 euro note down on the counter and craftily points out that instead of a 50 euro note, he only received a 10 euro note. The checkout operator apologises and gives the customer another 50 euro note.

There’s a loss!

You too can benefit from the special services and features of ZIPF CCTV systems with ZIPF POS analysis and ZIPF video analysis and discover the numerous options for preventing and reducing all kinds of losses in your company.

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