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Retail sector

Surveillance in the retail sector with ZIPF systems

Losses from shoplifting in the entire German retail sector are enormous.

A total loss of €3.45 billion! Every year! (Source: EHI Study 2018)

This figure comprises:

  • €2.28 billion due to customers
  • €0.85 billion due to staff
  • €0.32 billion due to suppliers

Practical example „Removed packaging“

Practical example: Removed packaging

The customer enters the shop, selects an item and removes the packaging. His accomplice enters the shop a few minutes later, pockets the item and leaves the shop without paying.

There’s a loss!

For many years ZIPF CCTV systems, ZIPF POS analysis and ZIPF video analysis have been helping affected companies to sustainably investigate and reduce their losses.

To achieve this, it is important that the installed video technology displays high quality images and is able to adapt to the changes in retailing.

Thanks to these features, after a presentation of the services, nine out of ten prospective purchasers decide on a ZIPF video system.

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